10x brighter

T15: XE BackBeam v4.0 LED Reverse 6000k

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Turn your Reverse Light into a bright day with our T15 LED Cannon. Warning: extremely bright!

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  • SKU: XE-BKBM-T156
  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: 6000K Bianco Lunare
  • Plug: T15 (W16W)
  • Sold as: Piece
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Extremely Bright: LED Reverse Light cannon. Takes full advantage of the original reflector by focusing the entire light output exactly where the original incandescence bulb would. The LED chips are located at the same distance and position of the original bulb filament.

Plug&Play: all you have to do is simply swap your original bulb and plug in this LED. Thanks to its No-Polarity design, accurately focused light output, and huge power absorption, this bulb will fit any light, with no errors, and perfect results. Only suitable for Reverse Backup Lights.

Version 4.0: this new version is packed with massive power and smaller size, adding a compatibility with 98.7% of cars. The visual results are impressive. 12 Cree LED Chips focus the light output both on the sides and on top of the bulb, delivering 9Watts of LED brightness that will turn night into day in your parking spot, garage and home pathway saving both your sight and.. bumper.

Supercharged: This bulb is pushed to max brightness levels, because it's studied to use for short periods. It's only meant to be used as a Reverse Backup Light. Do not use for long periods, for example as DRL or License Plate light.
Socket W16W
Socket (alternative names) T15, 921
Position Lights No
Daytime Running Lights No
Reverse lights Yes
Canbus Yes, Error-Free on 98.7% cars
Bulb lenght 38 mm
Diameter (max) 15 mm
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
Power 9W
Brightness vs. Stock bulb 10x times brighter
Lumen (real) 700lm
Absorption 0.75A
Voltage 9-16 V
Color 6000k: Lunar White
Warranty 2 Years
Money Back 14 Days
Return for Store Credit 30 Days
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