Our technicians have already designed, tested and installed the Specific Kit for hundreds of cars. Often studied in collaboration with you and Tuning Club, our kits include 10 years of experience, the brightest lamps on the market and the renowned Xenovision DiamondPRO control units with a proprietary light years ahead technology.

Maximum quality. Guaranteed

We have always dealt exclusively with Xenon lighting and LEDs for Automotive. This is why we can guarantee the highest quality on the market.

Exclusive Technology.

With 10 years of experience and proprietary technology in the Control Units and Lamps, we do not resell products taken from catalogs - we design our own.

360 ° assistance

Whether you need advice on the purchase, or a technical question, our experts are ready to help you. By Phone, Mail or Chat.

Kit LED & Xenon | Maximum Quality | Xenovision

If the commercial "Xenon Kits" have not impressed you, you'll be interested in what we have to offer.

We redefine the concept of quality in Xenon lighting and LED Aftermarket in Italy. Nobody can compete with our experience and devotion to quality. We only deal with this from day one - this is why we guarantee that the Xenon and LED Kit systems we produce will not disappoint you.

  • Eagle v5.0: Reflector Headlights Canbus LED Kit | 24.000Lm
    From € 109,00
  • Sold out
    T15 (W16W) XE BackBeam v3.0 LED Reverse Backup Light
    € 11,99
  • XPRO BrightStar: LED Headlight Kit 22.000Lm Brighter than HIDs
    From € 99,00
  • Edge: LED Headlight Kit 24.000Lm Brighter than HIDs
    From € 109,00
  • Sold out
    Mini BiLED H4 Xenovision All-in-one Canbus CREE Led Lens Projector
    € 79,90
  • BAU15S (PY21W) Canbus LED Turnsignal No Hyperflash Premium Top Quality
    € 17,45