LED Bulb Adaptor Alfa Romeo Mito Renault Megane

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Pair of LED or Xenon lamp holder for Alfa Mito and Renault Megane. Very High Quality.

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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
A pair of universal lamp holder adapters. Some cars fit a bulb holder to hold the original halogen in place in the headlight. By mounting an LED kit, it may make it necessary - or at least practical - to buy a ready-made adapter, shaped to be compatible with both your headlight and the shape of an LED lamp.
Compatibility: This model fits various car models including: Alfa Romeo Mito.
Highly recommended in the installation of a LED kit, this adapter will save you time and effort trying to modify the original lamp holder adapter.
Indispensable for professional work: with this adapter, installation will be much faster. Furthermore, do not make any changes to the original support of the lighthouse, a precaution much appreciated by demanding customers, and a symptom of the general quality of the installation work.
The Quality of Materials: it is fundamental. More and more customers tell us that the competition saves on the adapters, moreover often their profit on the LED kit lies mostly in the adapters. It is not difficult to imagine how much savings is focused mostly on these "pieces of plastic" that are instead so vital as usually go unnoticed to the novice. Be careful, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link - poor adapters do not keep the lamp firmly fixed in the headlight and / or hold it bent, ouf of the headlamp focus sweetspot.

Poor adapters nullify the goodness of the lamps: If you've ever handled a plastic object that you recognize to the touch to be of poor quality, you won't want to have this feeling when you install the component responsible for keeping the lamp in the right position in your headlight. Even the best lamps in the world will not make much if they are placed crooked in your lighthouse, or wobble to every hole.

Don't waste your money risking buying a poor product. Here on Xenovision you are guaranteed to find only the lampholders of the highest quality on the market. We try to keep them at a price in line with the low-cost junk that swarm on ebay, amazon and websites - buying a product of dubious quality elsewhere for the same sum is the first step for a poor road result.
Alfa Romeo MiTo
Ford Kuga
VolksWagen Sagittar
Renault Megane 4
Precisione forma Massima
Qualità Plastica Massima
Robustezza Massima
Durata Illimitata
Resistenza Alte Temperature Massima
Inserimento nel faro Come ricambio originale
1x Adattatore Portalampada Altissima Qualità
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