1: LED Daytime Running Lights

LED Daytime running lights for BMW 1 (F20) from 11/2010 to 06/2019, manufactured up to 2014, with halogen headlamp.
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C'è poco spazio nel tuo faro per inserire lampadine LED: ti mostriamo solo quelle di lunghezza sufficiente per entrare.

8x brighter
<p>Costly 6000k Philips ZES chips deliver unprecedented white &nbsp;brgithness and color purity for <strong>BMW 1 LED daytime running light</strong>. Canbus 80%.</p>

BMW 1 daytime running light: XPRO Asic LED (Pair)

10x brighter
<strong>BMW 1 LED daytime running light</strong>. Pair of T20 LED bulbs. Stealth effect, 360 degree output, Top Quality.

BMW 1 LED daytime running light: XPRO Gear T20 (Pair)

€ 10,90 € 19,99
4x brighter Basic Line
<p><span style="color: #626262;">Your 1 won't judge you for going cheap on the LED bulbs - at least if you paid them the right price: the one you find only on</span></p>

BMW 1 daytime running light: Economy (Pair)

NECESSARY ADD-ONS FOR 1 Daytime Running Light

Daytime Running Light: our Tips.

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