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Our state of the art, canbus, super shielded, slim, Top Quality, Fast Start HID Ballast Computer.

€ 49,95

Canbus: Color: Plug: SKU:
Fast Start. Canbus 2018. Super Shielded. Ground harness. OEM Grade Performances. Top Quality. Engineered by Xenovision. Equipped by default on a large number of Specific HID Kits for Canbus cars.

- Lenght: 88mm. 
- Width: 71mm. 
- Tickness: 13mm.
- Power: 42WATT (35W).
- Canbus: Yes, Firmware 2018.
- EM Shielding: Max Levels.
- Fast-Start: for a faster HID Bulb ignition.

Price intended for a single HID Ballast Computer. To buy a pair, please add qty "2" in your cart. By buying a full HID Kit, you save on spare parts total price. Product is constantly updated and may slightly vary from the picture. Xenovision HID Ballasts are only only native compatible with Xenovision HID Bulbs (Korean Max Safety KET Plugs). If you wish to connect aftermarket HID bulbs (Chinese Generic BAC plugs) to our Xenovision HID Ballasts, you also need 1x Harness Converter (product code: XV-PROL-BCKT) for each HID Bulb.
Canbus 3.0: Architettura 100% digitale DSP 3.0, con Firmware e Circuiti progettati da Xenovision.

42Watt: di erogazione Ultra Stabile per un'illuminazione ancora maggiore delle lampade, in tutta sicurezza.

KET Plugs: tutte le centraline Xenovision adottano connettori Koreani KET a tenuta stagna, per un'isolamento massimo a tenuta d'aria. Le centraline Xenovision sono compatibili solo con lampade Xenovision (Innesti KET). Per rendere lampade aftermarket con innesto cinese (BAC) compatibili con le nostre centraline, occorre acquistare un adattatore (XV-PROL-BCKT per ciascuna lampada).
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2 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!

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