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Vauxhall Zafira MK III LED backup lamp: XE BackBeam T15

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Turn your Reverse Light into a bright day with our T15 LED Cannon. Warning: extremely bright!

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  • SKU: XE-BKBM-T156-1GRK
  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: 6000K Bianco Lunare
  • Plug: W16W
  • Sold as: Piece
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Backup Lamp LED Vauxhall Zafira MK III: T15 LED Light Cannon (W16W) for Reversing. It concentrates all the light power in the exact focal point of the original incandescent bulb, taking full advantage of the reflection of the original parabola.
Incredible light power: This lamp is pushed to the highest levels of brightness, as it is designed for short uses. It is therefore to be used only as Reverse lights: it must not be used for light points that are constantly on, such as position lights.
We like it because: it is very powerful. The insertion in the headlight is simple and without polarity (it works in any direction, which is an added convenience), and thanks to the ultra-compact size it fits even the smallest headlights. Projects a powerful front and side beam of light in each direction that takes full advantage of your reflector.
Exceptional Canbus: Successfully tested even on the most difficult cars: No Errors. Since the lamp gets very hot, remember not to forget it on. Using it for normal "reverse" operations you will have no problems.
Do not forget! This lamp should only be used on reversing lights. Using it on Zafira MK III as DRL light, Position, etc. where it remains on continuously, it will burn out in the first hour of uninterrupted use (it can remain on continuously for only a few minutes, then it must necessarily cool down).
Unbeatable Quality/Price Ratio: you will not find this type of lamp anywhere else, produced with the same quality, duration and brightness, at a lower price. Guaranteed.
Socket W16W
Socket (alternative names) T15, 921
Position Lights No
Daytime Running Lights No
Reverse lights Yes
Canbus Yes, Error-Free on 98.7% cars
Bulb lenght 38 mm
Diameter (max) 15 mm
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
Power 9W
Brightness vs. Stock bulb 10x times brighter
Lumen (real) 700lm
Absorption 0.75A
Voltage 9-16 V
Color 6000k: Lunar White
Warranty 2 Years
Money Back 14 Days
Return for Store Credit 30 Days
35 reviews 4.8 out of 5 Stars!


Avevo a suo tempo comprato le "vecchie" V3, che già facevano la differenza, ma queste sono molto meglio: più potenti, col doppio dei led ma allo stesso prezzo! Ed è proprio questo che le rende perfette: il rapporto qualità/prezzo. Se è vero che c'è un prodotto più performante, è altrettanto vero che queste sono già più che soddisfacenti ad un prezzo piuttosto basso. La luce sprigionata rende possibile la retromarcia in tutta sicurezza poiché illumina - e con intensità - tutta l'area dietro l'auto: il fascio è molto largo, sia in verticale che in orizzontale. Se guardate la foto, sembra che ci fosse un lampione acceso in quell'area ma non è così: c'era il buio assoluto. La luce che vedete è tutta generata dalle lampadine. In più, non hanno necessitato di resistenze: sono realmente Plug & Play. Da comprare ad occhi chiusi. Fantastiche.

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