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The Smart Air DIY  1.1 is a simple  yet effective purifier ideally suited for bedrooms, offices or small living rooms. The DIY 1.1 brings with it several upgrades to our original machine that increase performance, safety and usability.

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No 15m2 AP-DIY1-15MQ

What's the Smart Air DIY 1.1? We've made a simple improvement to the design fo the DIY 1.0, and it simply works better! We're calling it the DIY 1.1. It makes the DIY easier, safer, and stronger. Here is how.

Increased Efficiency: The added side-guard creates a higher pressure differential and focuses more air through the HEPA . In other words, that means more clean air!
We've tested the new design in a 15m2 Beijing apartment and fould the DIY 1.1 removed 8% more 0.5 micron particles and 3% more 2.5 micron particles than the previous version.

Easier: The new side guard also jeps keep the strap in place. You're so awesome, you probably dint' need it anyway; but for dummies like us, it saves us some time fumbling around fitting the strap on, and avoids the HEPA being knocked off!

Safer: We added a safety mesh to the front. That protects sneaky fingers and paws from ouching the fan blades.

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2 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!

- - - | Great product. Exactly as advertised. Highly recommended! Keeps the air clean at a super low cost without taking up much space or waking me up while I sleep. Perfect if you have a small apartment or a bedroom.