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Pyramid T20: LED for Daytime Running Light Abarth 500c / 595c / 695c (312_) 2009 in poi

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The most powerful LED daytime running light for Abarth 500c / 595c / 695c ever. Xenovision original.

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  • SKU: XE-EDG3-T206-523
  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: Bianco Lunare 6000K
  • Plug: W21W
  • Sold as: Pair
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Engineered Lights: for over 10 years Xenovision has been a point of reference in the products of excellence in Automotive Lighting in Italy. Performance, Quality and Reliability, values ​​taken up and expanded to the utmost in the exclusive XE Light brand - which was created as a collection of the best products, entirely designed by Xenovision. With the increasing importance of the daytime running lights (DRL), and the variety of shapes, sizes and polarities of the headlights in circulation, XE Light has created from scratch a universal lamp, compatible for shape, polarity and visual rendering in each headlight. We are proud to present the XE Light EDGE LED range. Engineered by Xenovision.

Xenovision Focus PRO: Centering the focal point is essential for extraordinary light efficiency. Based on the now-famous Xenovision Focus PRO Korea architecture, the Edge LED range is also designed to maximize light distribution at the focal point of your dish. What matters most for maximum visual performance on the road is not the brute quantity of light chips on the lamp, as the ability to emit light in the "focal point" of the parabola - or in the same point where the filament of the lamp would original glow.
The radial arrangement of the 3 extremely bright chips allows a 360-degree light output focused exactly at the same point where the filament of the incandescent lamp that they replace will be positioned. The wide illumination angle of the LED chips distributes the light towards the entire surface of the dish. The result is blinding.

Pure Brightness: XE LEDs equip Top LED Gamma chips from our material suppliers, which provide the most accurate control of unrivaled color distribution, brightness and light density.

Stay Cool. Always: the 3 ultra-bright LED chips are set on a sturdy Aeronautical Aluminum frame made from a single piece. The dissipating surface is enormous compared to the size of the LEDs, allowing the chips to work at maximum power without overheating problems. By concentrating all the light power along the focal axis of the lamp, and thus reducing the light source to just 3 points of light, the rest of the lamp acts as a heat sink. This optimization allows up to 40% more light to be achieved than equivalent LEDs.

Smart: with the XE LIGHT EDGE LEDs there is no need to measure the space to check if the lamp can enter your lighthouse. It is no longer important to know if the polarity of your beacon is Positive Long Side or Positive Short Side. And the verse in which you insert the lamp in the lighthouse is no longer important: we have anticipated every problem, solving it at the root. Compact shape, excellent focal centering, No Polarity, Smart Polarity, Long Life.

Ghost Tuning: The particular shape of this lamp and the opaque paintwork hides the presence of the LED bulb in the lighthouse - as desired by fans of Ghost Tuning. When the lights are off, you will not notice the presence of the lamp, allowing a perfect aesthetic result even for the most attentive to details.

Protected: Heat management is critical to reliability when it comes to LEDs. With ultra-luminous MicroCHIP technology for higher lumen / watt efficiency, the lamp emits more light than traditional LED lamps for the same heat output.
The LEDs are firmly set on a cylindrical aluminum core which absorbs and dissipates the heat towards the base. Inside, an integrated thermal resistance reduces light output as a second level of protection in the event of overheating.

Intelligent: The heart of the XE Edge LED lamps is in the intelligent management circuit, the same designed and custom made by Xenovision for the XT LED series. Monitor the temperature, reducing the light intensity in case of overheating and intelligently manage the power polarity: you can insert the lamp in any direction, and on cars of any polarity: it will always work. Today anyone can choose these lamps without having the least technical knowledge, with the security that will turn on in their own lighthouse.

Canbus: With a native absorption of 6.3Watt in High Intensity, this lamp results canbus on a large number of cars. However, if your vehicle needs more resistance to avoid spying, we recommend using Xenovision external resistors, or buying a specific DRL LED kit for your car (in the catalog) that already contains the necessary resistors.

You can trust: With the best Internet reputation for unbeatable products, value for money and service, Xenovision is the choice of Tuning enthusiasts and lighting purists. We invite you to contact us today with your questions: whether you need advice on the model, have a technical question or request a large stock, our technical staff is here to help you.

** After installation please leave a review and send us your photos indicating your car model! **
Technical features:

- 3 ultraluminescent MicroCHIP of the latest generation, arranged radially along the focal axis of the lamp where the filament of the incandescent lamp would be, for up to 40% more efficient lighting.

- 6.3 Watt of real absorption (0.44A @ 14.3V).
- 760Lumen royal, equal to about 1000-1500Lumen commercial in the war of numbers.
- Robust Aeronautical Aluminum structure for efficient passive dissipation without fans.
- Canbus on numerous cars, but in the case of spies it is sufficient to add external resistances.
- Intelligent stabilization circuit, 9-16V, No Polarity, Smart-Polarity, Long Side Positives, Short Side Positives.
Dimensions and dimensions:
- Total lamp length: 52mm
- Luminaire body length: 30mm
- Maximum diameter of the lamp: 20mm
- Illuminating body diameter: 18mm
The price refers to 1 Pair of XE Edgle Led Lamps.
Innesto T20 (W21/5W) 7443
Assorbimento (Bassa Intensità) 0.18A @ 12.4V
Voltaggio 9-16 V
Assorbimento (Alta Intensità) 0.63A @ 12.4V
Xenovision Lightscore 16 Punti (Bassa intensità)
Xenovision Lightscore 59 Punti (Alta intensità)
2x Lampade LED
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