• Edge: LED Headlight Kit 25.000Lm Brighter than HIDs

    Massive power without shadows on Lens Headlights. Perfect light cut. Compact size and Super Canbus.

    From € 109,00
  • Eagle v5.0: Lens and Reflector Headlights Canbus LED Kit | 24.000Lm

    Unleash a massive, dense and perfectly defined light beam pattern on Reflector Headlights. Super Canbus & Top Quality.

    From € 109,00
  • BrightStar: Lens and Reflector Headlights Canbus LED Kit | 22.000Lm

    A dense, compact and brighter beam than HID Xenon. Excellent on Reflector Bowl and incredible on Lens Headlights. Super Canbus & compact size.

    From € 99,00
  • EagleMini: Reflector Headlights Canbus LED Kit | 24.000Lm

    Super Bright. Super Compact. XE Eagle DNA - the Highest Quality LED headlight kits around.

    From € 69,00
  • 2.7x brighter
    XPRO Ninja: Lens and Reflector Headlights LED Kit 15.000Lm
    Professional LED Kit. 2.7x times more light than halogen. Precise, shadow-free beam on Reflector and Lens Headlights. Maximum Quality Guaranteed.
    From € 39,00