X5: LED Stop Lamp

LED Stop Lamp for BMW X5 (E53) from 05/2000 to 01/2007, manufactured up to 2003/09.
8x brighter
<p>12x times brigher. Costly Red Philips ZES chips deliver unprecedented brgithness and color purity for<span style="color: #626262;">&nbsp;BMW X5 LED&nbsp;</span><span style="color: #626262;">stop lamp</span><span style="color: #626262;">. Super Canbus, Top Quality.</span></p>

BMW X5 stop lamp | XPRO Gear v2.0 LED (Pair)

€ 19,51 € 19,90
<p>LED Bulb&nbsp;BAY15D P215W 1157 for brake tail stop light</p>

BMW X5 stop lamp | XPRO Gear v1.0 LED (1 Pc)

€ 9,46 € 9,90

Stop Lamp: our Tips.

All you need to know to install Stop Lamp LED on X5