X1: LED Reading Light

LED Reading Light for BMW X1 (E84) from 03/2009 to 06/2015.
<p>Dual sided T10 LED pair with PHILIPS ZES chips for incredibly powerful and pure lighting. Real jewels.</p>

T10 Kit LED Sapphire Aura Premium bulbs 5700K

€ 14,65 € 14,95
5x brighter
<strong>BMW X1</strong>&nbsp;<strong>LED</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Reading Light: </strong>pair of superbright, super canbus T10 LEDs perfect for interiors and exteriors.

BMW X1 reading light | XPRO Goldstar LED (Pair)

€ 12,11 € 12,90
<p><span style="color: #626262;">7.0x brighter. Few LED bulbs can throw a front light output on your&nbsp;</span><span style="color: #626262;">BMW X1 reading light </span><span style="color: #626262;">the way it's meant, and XE Cyclop CREE is unrivaled.</span></p>

BMW X1 reading light | XE Cyclop CREE (Pair)

Warm White 2x brighter
<strong>BMW X1 LED&nbsp;Reading Light</strong>: Warm White&nbsp;3800K&nbsp; 360 degree light beam T10 LED pair, can fit anywere. Canbus, Top Quality.

BMW X1 E84 reading light | XPRO Accent LED 3800K (Pair)

3x brighter
<strong>BMW X1 LED&nbsp;Reading Light</strong>: 360 degree light beam T10 LED pair, can fit anywere, Top Quality.

BMW X1 E84 reading light: XPRO Silverstar W5W (Pair)

€ 6,60 € 6,90
Sold out
<p><strong>150LUMEN + Canbus </strong>Led W5W con luminazione a 360 gradi su ogni lato, struttura rinforzata, Canbus. Perfetto come luce posizione, utilizzabilo su alcune auto anche come luce targa (no Golf 6), cortesia, ecc. La resistenza interna la rende nativamente compatibili con la maggior parte delle auto Canbus. Per FIAT e pochissime altre occorre aggiungere un modulo .</p>

W5W 360 gradi a 5Ultra Led - Canbus e Heavy Duty - Bianco Lunare

<p>3.5x brighter. The whole output is focused on a single side. Canbus &amp; heavy duty, it's a perfect <span style="color: #626262;">LED for %</span><span style="color: #626262;">text::data.make% X1&nbsp;</span><span style="color: #626262;">reading light</span><span style="color: #626262;">.</span></p>

BMW X1 reading light | XE Dragon LED

3x brighter
<p><span style="color: #626262;">3.0x brighter. A best-seller, old-school veteran canbus LED bulb since 2009. Crystal clear 6000k pure white light, perfect for</span> <span style="color: #626262;">BMW X1&nbsp;</span><span style="color: #626262;">reading light </span><span style="color: #626262;">.</span></p>

BMW X1 reading light | XE CAN5 LED

€ 2,45 € 2,50
2.0x brighter Basic Line
<p><strong>BMW X1 LED&nbsp;Reading Light</strong>: Canbus. Compact. Perfect LED for&nbsp;accent lighting.</p>

BMW X1 reading light | XE Fly LED