Low Beam

Focus II Saloon: LED Low Beams kit

LED Low Beam kits for Ford Focus II Saloon (DB_, FCH, DH) from 04/2005 to 07/2011, manufactured with halogen headlamp.
5,4x brighter The brightest Sold out
<p><strong>Kit Low Beam Ford Focus II saloon </strong><strong>(DB_, FCH, DH)</strong>: scatena un fascio di luce denso, potente e perfettamente definito sia su fari a parabola che lenticolari. Super canbus, Qualit&agrave; Massima.<strong> </strong>Include due lampade LED Eagle, eventuali accessori non inclusi.</p>

Ford Focus II saloon LED Kit: Eagle 29000Lm

€ 100,00 € 105,00
4.5x brighter
Kit low beam Ford Focus II saloon. Potenza smisurata senza coni d'ombra. performance massime. Kit LED h7 con taglio di luce perfetto. Accessori non inclusi.

Ford Focus II saloon LED Kit: Edge 25000Lm

€ 90,00 € 95,00
4.0x brighter Sold out
<p>Legendary Canbus. Unparalleled performance. The&nbsp;<strong>Ford Focus II saloon&nbsp;</strong><strong>(DB_, FCH, DH)</strong> <strong>HID Kit</strong> that made Xenovision the benchmark for HIDs in Italy. Two H7 bulbs and ballasts for Ford Focus II saloon, accessories not included.</p>

Ford Focus II saloon HID xenon kit: 42W Canbus Xenovision PhenomXT H7 6000K

4.3x brighter
<strong>All new! 6th Gen Eagle Mini. Smaller. Brighter. Premium.&nbsp;</strong>Kit LED H7 compatible with Ford Focus II saloon&nbsp;low beam&nbsp;, accessories not included.

Ford Focus II saloon LED low beam: Eagle Mini 24000Lm

€ 80,00 € 89,00
4.0x brighter Sold out
<strong>H7 LED Kit for Ford Focus II saloon&nbsp;</strong><strong>low beam</strong>. Xenon alike light throw, compact sized bulbs. Maximum Quality Guaranteed by Xenovision.

Ford Focus II saloon LED Kit: BrightStar 22000Lm

€ 70,00 € 79,00
2.7x brighter
Professional H7 LED Kit for Ford Focus II saloon&nbsp;low beam. Maximum Quality Guaranteed.

Ford Focus II saloon LED Kit: Ninja 15000Lm

€ 45,00 € 49,00
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Low Beam: our Tips.

All you need to know to install Low Beam LED on Focus II saloon