Low Beam

Focus C-max: LED Low Beams kit

LED Low Beam kits for Ford Focus C-max (DM2) from 09/2006 to 03/2007, manufactured with halogen headlamp.
5,4x brighter The brightest Sold out
<p><strong>Kit Low Beam Ford Focus c-max </strong><strong>(DM2)</strong>: scatena un fascio di luce denso, potente e perfettamente definito sia su fari a parabola che lenticolari. Super canbus, Qualit&agrave; Massima.<strong> </strong>Include due lampade LED Eagle, eventuali accessori non inclusi.</p>

Ford Focus c-max LED Kit: Eagle 29000Lm

4.5x brighter
Kit low beam Ford Focus c-max. Potenza smisurata senza coni d'ombra. performance massime. Kit LED h7 con taglio di luce perfetto. Accessori non inclusi.

Ford Focus c-max LED Kit: Edge 25000Lm

4.0x brighter Sold out
<p>Legendary Canbus. Unparalleled performance. The&nbsp;<strong>Ford Focus c-max&nbsp;</strong><strong>(DM2)</strong> <strong>HID Kit</strong> that made Xenovision the benchmark for HIDs in Italy. Two H7 bulbs and ballasts for Ford Focus c-max, accessories not included.</p>

Ford Focus c-max HID xenon kit: 42W Canbus Xenovision PhenomXT H7 6000K

4.3x brighter
<strong>All new! 6th Gen Eagle Mini. Smaller. Brighter. Premium.&nbsp;</strong>Kit LED H7 compatible with Ford Focus c-max&nbsp;low beam&nbsp;, accessories not included.

Ford Focus c-max LED low beam: Eagle Mini 24000Lm

4.0x brighter Sold out
<strong>H7 LED Kit for Ford Focus c-max&nbsp;</strong><strong>low beam</strong>. Xenon alike light throw, compact sized bulbs. Maximum Quality Guaranteed by Xenovision.

Ford Focus c-max LED Kit: BrightStar 22000Lm

2.7x brighter
Professional H7 LED Kit for Ford Focus c-max&nbsp;low beam. Maximum Quality Guaranteed.

Ford Focus c-max LED Kit: Ninja 15000Lm

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Low Beam: our Tips.

All you need to know to install Low Beam LED on Focus c-max