Low Beam

Neon MK II: LED Low Beams kit

LED Low Beam kits for Chrysler Neon MK II from 08/1999 to 12/2006.
4.3x brighter
<strong>Chrysler Neon MK II&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Low Beam kit</strong><strong>:&nbsp;</strong>Super Bright. Super Compact. Same Eagle DNA - the Highest Quality LED headlight kits around, yet smaller.&nbsp;Two EagleMini&nbsp;H4&nbsp;LED bulbs included, accessories not included.

Chrysler Neon MK II LED low beam: Eagle Mini 24000Lm H4

€ 88,10 € 89,00
<p>Not only will turn night into day, but your headlight will look gorgeous too. Bi-LED lens headlight upgrade for any H4 car. Easy as Plug&amp;Play. Maximum quality.</p>

Mini BiLED H4 Xenovision All-in-one Canbus CREE Led Lens Projector

€ 78,91 € 79,90
<p>5x volte pi&ugrave; luce. XPRO BrighStar: <span style="color: #626262;">Kit LED H4 Canbus con performance pari allo Xenon e dimensioni compatte. Perfetti su&nbsp;</span><span style="color: #626262;">Chrysler Neon MK II</span><span style="color: #626262;">. Qualit&agrave; Massima Xenovision.</span></p>

Chrysler Neon MK II low beam LED Kit | 22.000 Lumen

€ 78,10 € 79,00
2.7x brighter
<strong>Professional&nbsp;</strong><strong>H4</strong><strong>&nbsp;LED Kit for Chrysler Neon MK II&nbsp;low beam.</strong>&nbsp;Maximum Quality Guaranteed.

Chrysler Neon MK II LED low beam: Ninja 15000Lm H4

€ 53,91 € 54,90
2.0x brighter Fanless
<strong>Chrysler Neon MK II&nbsp;</strong><strong>low beam LED Kit&nbsp;</strong><strong>H4</strong><strong>.</strong>&nbsp;Compact, waterproof,fanless: nearly indestructible. Ideal for Foglights, high beams and tight spaces.&nbsp;Top Quality. Canbus 85% cars.

Chrysler Neon MK II LED low beam: Twist 11000Lm H4

€ 44,49 € 45,00
1.8x brighter Fanless
<strong>Chrysler Neon MK II&nbsp;</strong><strong>low beam LED&nbsp;</strong>H4<strong>.</strong>&nbsp;Pair of fanless bulbs for headlights with no space.

Chrysler Neon MK II LED low beam: Accent Mini 9600Lm

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Low Beam: our Tips.

All you need to know to install Low Beam LED on Neon MK II