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Full LED License Plate Lights Kit for Alfa Brera. Genuine Xenovision - Maximum Quality Guaranteed.

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Yes 6000K (Bianco Lunare) Alfa XX-PLAT-ABRE
XENOVISION License Plate Light Kit for Alfa Brera.  Swap in and replace your dim yellowish License Plate Lights in just seconds with these Full LED plates. Simply remove the original plates and fit-in these and you're good to go. Perfect fit into the same housing and same plugs connections.

Outstanding Quality: we invite you to test and compare these full LED license plate lights for durability, brightness, color homogeneity and materials quality over low-cost variants for sale online. Not only these License Plate Lights are made with the Highest Quality electronic components, plastics and LED chips, but also the production method spares no costs - to give you an excellence product that will match the  original lighting fixtures of the car, and your expectations.

More light, longer life: transform your License Plate Light into a crystal clear pure white  (6000K), clearly visible even during the day. Change the look completely by projecting your car into the era of modern lighting.
100% Canbus, same size as OEMs. 5x times more light than the original lights. High Quality LED chips deliver a bright, color consistent light in the purest white tint. Don't risk to get a low-cost alternative that may look similar - but offer inconsistent light color among each LED chip, won't fit perfectly, and cheap plastics will soon suffer rain and aging. Choose Xenovision plates if you're seeking for the highest quality and reliable waterproof, wich will ensure long life and an unparalleled visual result.

You can trust: With the Best reputation for unbeatable products, value for money and service, Xenovision is the choice of Tuning enthusiasts and Lighting purists. You're welcome to contact us today with your questions: our prepared staff is here to help.

IMPORTANT: Although we are constantly striving to ensure that the car compatibility listed is as accurate as possible, because of constant car evolution of cars, please compare the photos of the product with your original license plate lights to ensure they do not have a clearly different shape - in which case you will need another product.
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0 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!

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