X-VOID Canbus LED Kit Filters - Full-Digital Circuit - No Resistors - Pair

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100% Digital LED Canbus filter set, shielded, anti-interference without resistances. Could not find a filter for more effective LED Kit.

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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Definitive Warning Light/Radio interference solution:  fully digital Canbus module for latest generation LED Kits. Our X-VOID fully digital canbus circuit really solves problems with warning lights, headlight flickering, radio electrical noise , on nearly any Canbus cars following the installation of our LED Headlight Kit.

It is not just a load resistors glued in a box: Inside this filter you will not find 2 resistors welded together and closed in a box sold by the competition for the same price. It houses a real Canbus circuit of the latest generation, derived from the Canbus modules our Xenovision  digital HID ballasts . Migrating a 10+ years technology from HID to LED was the smartest choice. Result? Zero heat in the headlight, zero radio interference, zero warning lights and you get a professional solution. Don't waste your money on same priced poorly effective load resistor based "filters".

Quality at it's Best: The Canbus circuit inside the filter is made with first choice electronic components and PCBs,and high quality solderings. Everything is drowned in an epoxy resin which guarantees its absolute impermeability and resistance to external agents (dust, mud, water, etc.). 
You can trust: With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, value for money and service, Xenovision Italia is the choice of Tuning enthusiasts and lighting purists. We invite you to contact us today with your questions: whether you need advice on the model, have a technical question or a request for large stocks, our technical staff is here to help.

WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA: unfortunately for unknown reasons the filter easily fails on some models of Alfa Romeo Giulietta. For this reason the product is not covered under warranty if used on Giulietta.

Technical features:
- Resolves problems with the dashboard warning lights on 99% of the cars following the installation of LED Kit.
- Digital filter, without resistances: it does not heat.
- Specific for fitting your car: Plug & Play.
- OEM quality couplings
- Protective coating on ZeroInteference wire mesh wiring.
- Small dimensions, inside the lighthouse.
- Waterproof.

The price refers to 1 Canbus Zero Spy LED filter, for a pair select quantity "2".
Spegne spie sul cruscotto? Si
Elimina disturbi alla radio? Si
Risolve problemi Bluetooth? Si
Risolve skip tracce Mp3? Si
E' compatibile con la mia auto? Si al 99,999%.
Ne ho visto uno più efficace altrov... Impossibile. Garantito.
Tipologia Filtro Digitale (Qualità Premium)
Contiene resistenze? No.
Qualità Massima sul Mercato
Scalda? No.
Risolve? Si - il circuito è davvero efficace.
Rapporto Qualità/Prezzo Imbattibile
2x Filtri digitali spegnispia
14 giorni Soddisfatti o Rimborsati
30 giorni Cambio Merce
2 Anni Garanzia
Generally it solves problems of flickering with the engine running, warning lights on the dashboard, interference with the radio that can be caused by some LED kits on some cars. It is impossible to know if a particular led kit can give one of these symptoms on a car. The only solution is to install the filters if problems appear.
framework, and lasts only a few seconds. The light check consists in sending weak electrical impulses on the headlights to "probe" if there are bulbs installed. Original halogen incandescent bulbs, or xenon kits, absorb these faint pulses without lighting up. Different speech for LED lamps, which are super sensitive even to weak electrical impulses, sufficient to make them partially illuminate. Hence the "safety car" effect which lasts only a few seconds during the check. It does not depend on the LED lamp and only some cars do it including some Minis and some BMWs. The canbus filters, by their very nature, only solve canbus compatibility problems (constant flicker with the engine running, warning lights on the dashboard, radio interference), but they do not have a decisive effect on the check-lights of a few seconds with the engine off.
No. Although the fully digital circuit inside (nothing to do with rudimentary resistance filters ..) solves the vast majority of problems, unfortunately the only way to know if they solve is to mount them on both headlights.
Unfortunately we cannot tell you if you will need the filters or not. Given the low cost, it makes sense to take them for safety, also because the use of filters extends the life of the LEDs: they electrically soften the input current to the lamp, so it is a useful purchase regardless to protect the lamps and extend their life.
Dipende da auto ad auto.
Per sapere se ti occorrono anche i filtri, usa il menu SCEGLI AUTO e naviga fino agli Anabbglianti della tua auto, e verifica se il filtri appaiono nella lista di accessori consigliati oppure no.
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Filtri ottimi nessun problema di facile installazione e robusti

Cambio filtro perché quello precedente si era bruciato

Ho cambiato il filtro perché quello precedente purtroppo si era bruciato. Ma in ogni caso sono sempre ottimi prodotti che permettono l'uso regolare dei vostri fantastici led.