Q3: LED Cornering Light

LED Cornering Light for Audi Q3 (8UB, 8UG) from 06/2011 to 10/2018, manufactured PR number 8IH, with Bi-Xenon.
5,4x brighter The brightest
<strong>Kit Cornering Light Audi Q3&nbsp;</strong><strong>(8UB, 8UG)</strong>: scatena un fascio di luce denso, potente e perfettamente definito sia su fari a parabola che lenticolari. Super canbus, Qualit&agrave; Massima.<strong>&nbsp;</strong>Include due lampade LED Eagle&nbsp;H11, eventuali accessori non inclusi.

Audi Q3 LED Kit: Eagle 29000Lm H11

€ 100,00 € 105,00
4.3x brighter
<strong>Audi Q3 &nbsp;</strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong>(8UB, 8UG)</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Cornering Light kit</strong><strong>:&nbsp;</strong>Super Bright. Super Compact. Same Eagle DNA - the Highest Quality LED headlight kits around, yet smaller.&nbsp;Two EagleMini&nbsp;H11&nbsp;LED bulbs included, accessories not included.

Audi Q3 LED cornering light: Eagle Mini 24000Lm H11

€ 80,00 € 89,00
4.0x brighter
<p>H11 LED Kit with same brightness as HIDs. Compact size bulb, Canbus. Perfect on Lens and Reflector headlights. Xenovision Guaranteed Quality.</p>

Audi Q3 LED Kit: BrightStar 22000Lm

€ 70,00 € 79,00
2.7x brighter
<strong>Professional&nbsp;</strong><strong>H11</strong><strong>&nbsp;LED Kit for Audi Q3&nbsp;cornering light.</strong>&nbsp;Maximum Quality Guaranteed.

Audi Q3 LED cornering light: Ninja 15000Lm H11

€ 39,00 € 49,90
2.0x brighter Fanless
<strong>Audi Q3&nbsp;</strong><strong>cornering light LED Kit&nbsp;</strong><strong>H11</strong><strong>.</strong>&nbsp;Compact, waterproof,fanless: nearly indestructible. Ideal for Foglights, high beams and tight spaces.&nbsp;Top Quality. Canbus 85% cars.

Audi Q3 LED cornering light: Twist 11000Lm H11

€ 35,00 € 39,90
1.8x brighter Fanless
<strong>Audi Q3&nbsp;</strong><strong>cornering light LED&nbsp;</strong>H11<strong>.</strong>&nbsp;Pair of fanless bulbs for headlights with no space.

Audi Q3 LED cornering light: Accent Mini 9600Lm

€ 24,90 € 29,95