B7: LED Cornering Light

LED Cornering Light for Alpina B7 (F01, F02) from 03/2009 to 06/2012.
2.7x brighter
<strong>Professional&nbsp;</strong><strong>H3</strong><strong>&nbsp;LED Kit for Alpina B7&nbsp;cornering light.</strong>&nbsp;Maximum Quality Guaranteed.

Alpina B7 LED cornering light: Ninja 15000Lm H3

€ 39,00 € 49,90
1.8x brighter Fanless
<strong>Alpina B7&nbsp;</strong><strong>cornering light LED&nbsp;</strong>H3<strong>.</strong>&nbsp;Pair of fanless bulbs for headlights with no space.

Alpina B7 LED cornering light: Accent Mini 9600Lm

€ 24,90 € 29,95