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LED Backup Lamp Mercedes-benz Sprinter 3-T platform/chassis (903): BackBeam v2.0

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LED backup lamp Mercedes-benz Sprinter 3-T platform/chassis (903). Turn night into day with this extremely bright unrivaled LED cannon.

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  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: 6000K (Bianco Lunare)
  • Plug: P21W
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Specially designed: for reverse light, a compact LED light "cannon". Concentrating the entire light output in one direction, guarantees a strong forward footprint that will brighten up in daylight the rear of the car during the Reverse.

Plug & Play: simply remove the original incandescent lamp and replace it with this one. Done! This bulb is intended only for reverse light, and on light points where the lamp points frontally towards the outside of the lighthouse. 
Improved: the new version adds more power and more compact dimensions, for an almost total compatibility with any car - and an impressive yield. 4 frontal CREE bright chips, with 8 WATT of real absorption (!!!) will light up daylight driveways, parking lots and garages saving your eyesight ... and the bumper.
Supercharged: This lamp is pushed to the highest levels of brightness, as it is designed for short uses. It is therefore to be used only as reverse lights: it should not be used for constantly lit lights, such as daylight lights.
The price refers to a single light bulb. To purchase a pair, select quantity "2" in the cart. With 8WATT of real absorption, no warning lights will be displayed on the dashboard of 99.9% of cars but in the very unlikely event the warning light should appear - simply add an additional load resistor.
Lunghezza 45mm
Innesto P21W 1156 BA15S
Diametro Max 17mm
Luminosità 1200Lumen
Assorbimento 8W (0.67A @ 12.3V)
Assorbimento 0.68A @ 12.4V
Voltaggio 9 - 16V Stabilizzato
Voltaggio 9-16 V
Chip 4x LED CREE 5W
Colore 6000K (Bianco Lunare)
Polarità No
1x Lampada LED XE BackBeam v2.0
14 giorni Soddisfatti o Rimborsati
30 giorni Reso per Cambio Merce
2 Anni Garanzia Totale Xenovision
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