Kit Led H3

H3LED Bulbs Kit for Car Headlights: Low Beam, High Beam or Fog Lights. All xenovision H3LED Kits are Canbus and directly replace the halogen lamps.
2.7x brighter
<p><strong>For both Reflector & Lens Headlights. </strong>H3 LED kit with CREE chips. Thrice brightness on road that stock halogen. Excellent light cutoff. Cylinder, compact heatsink. Canbus 90% cars.</p>

H3: Kit LED XPRO Ninja 15.000Lm

€ 49.81 € 49.90
1.8x brighter Fanless
<p><strong>For Reflector Headlights.&nbsp;</strong>Extremely compact H3 LED Kit Same. Great brightness for the size, perfect for headlights with no space. No heatsink. Adding filters required for Canbus cars.</p>

H3 Kit LED Accent Mini 9600LM

€ 19.95