Alfa romeo

146: HID Xenon Kit

Kit Xenon for Alfa Romeo 146 (930_) from 12/1994 to 01/2001.
<p><span style="color: #626262;">Why risk choosing wrong or poorly performing HID parts for your Alfa 146, when we have already engineered our Top Quality specific HID Xenon Kit?</span></p>

1995 - 2001 Alfa 146 HID Xenon Kit Low Beam 6000k

4x brighter
Legendary Canbus. Unparalleled performance. The&nbsp;<strong>Alfa romeo 146&nbsp;</strong><strong>(930_)</strong>&nbsp;<strong>HID Kit</strong>&nbsp;that made Xenovision the benchmark for HIDs in Italy. Two&nbsp;H1&nbsp;bulbs and ballasts for Alfa romeo 146, accessories not included.

H1: Alfa romeo 146 HID Xenon Kit Plug&Play Specific