FlowMax: Universal headlight dust cover caps for enhanced LED fan airflow

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Not enough space for fans to breathe? These two Rubber Caps will instantly fix the problem in a professional way.

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  • SKU: RF-CAPX-055M
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  • Color: Black
  • Plug: 55mm
  • Sold as: Pair
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
4cm: is the minimum distance you must ensure to have between your LED Fan and the Headlight cover cap. If less, your bulb will fail soon due to overheating. The more space has the Fan to breathe, the better will the LED bulb perform in time: adding Rubber Cover Caps even when having 4cm of space is anyways a choice for the good.
Protection: Let's say it, is priceless. When you're working on your Headlight Retrofit, wether it's a LED or HID project, the last thing you want is getting moisture inside your headlight. That's why we suggest to use this Universal Rubber Cap to seal your headlight when it's impossible to close the original cover.

Application: we offer rubber cover caps in so many measures, that you can definitely get the exact size for your headlight. Simply measure the hole diameter in the back of your headlight and buy with confidence a set of these caps.
Measures: each cap can fit it's diameter plus 3mm. Should your hole be larger than 3mm, simply buy the next size and use a cable tie to adapt it to your hole.

Durable: Made in strong black PVC rubber, time and heat/cold variations won't affect it's flexibility and tightness. 

You can Trust: With the best reputation in Italy for excellent products, unbeatable quality/price ratio, and after sale service - Xenovision is the choice of car enthusiasts as well as lighting purists. 
Diametri Scegli da 65 a 110mm
Tolleranza Diametro +3mm rispetto al diametro scelto
Profondità 60mm
Bordo di aggancio c.a 18mm
Alta Qualità Gomma in PVC
Flessibile? Si
Resistente al calore? Si
Robusto? Si
2x Tappi in Gomma
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