HB3 (9005): Xenon Kit

Canbus. Maximum Quality.

Xenovision's HB3 Xenon Kits for cars quadruple your visibility at night and will last longer than your car. Maximum Quality, Error-free.
4x brighter
<strong>HB3 HID Xenon Kit&nbsp;</strong>with legendary canbus PhenomXT xenovision engineered digital Hid Ballast Computers and&nbsp;HB3 DiamondPRO HID bulbs. Maximum Quality Guaranteed. Canbus on 99.9% of cars.

HB3: Xenovision PhenomXT HID Kit System - Legendary Canbus

€ 99,00

Xenovision HB3 Xenon Kits are characterized by unmatched Quality. They have made us the reference point in Italy for quality since the inception of aftermarket xenon lighting in 2005.