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Halo W5W: LED for Boot Light Citroen DS3 2009 -2015

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€ 14.90 / Pair

Citroen DS3 LED Boot Light: three sided T10 LED pair with premium 5700K chips for incredibly powerful and pure lighting. Real jewels.

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  • SKU: LP-ZEE3-T106-C9H
  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: 5700K
  • Plug: W5W
  • Sold as: Pair
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Engineered Lights: since 2006 Xenovision is a benchmark for Performance, Quality and Reliability in Automotive Aftermarket Lighting. Values ​​extended to the maximum in an exclusive careful selection of the best products designed precisely in Xenovision, which includes this XE Sapphire T10 family - based on Top Range Philips LED chips.

PHILIPS ZEE: are the Premium LED Chips in the PHILIPS Luxeon family, which delivers a never seen before color consistency, brightness and light density . They resist up to 135 ° C, leaving ample room for the lamp to be used without suffering heat, even during heavy use or in summer. These Chips are the same as the ones we adopt in our super appreciated LED Headlights Xenovision X-PRO LED System Low beam, and to the delight of the luminous excellence purists we have created the Sapphire line - true T10 and C5W based LED jewels based on on the same bright gems. Perfect for Position Lights, License Plate and Interior Lights, with performance and color purity that make the difference.
With official Philips values ​​of 245Lm per chip, a luminous efficiency of 125Lm / watt, and a robustness that allows it to operate in the winter frost from -40 ° C to 135 ° C, we are sure that if you loved the X- LEDs PRO Xenovision in your headlights, you'll love the corresponding LED versions for interior lights, position and number plate.

Powerful front + side lighting: Two Philips luminous gems are set on the opposite faces of the LED, with a flat base, to guarantee perfect 360 ° side delivery in any light point, while the third gem is positioned on the tip of the LED, also adding a powerful frontal delivery. Particularly suitable for all ceiling lights that take advantage of light reflection, for those light points where greater light output is required, or where a LED with front lighting is strictly necessary (eg Reading Lights).

The perfect color: pure white natural light LEDs, 5700k, are perfect as Position Lights and Plate to be combined with your Xenovision X-PRO lights - for a maniacally perfect result in color homogeneity and visual rendering - these LEDs will also go wonderfully in the interior of your car, illuminating it perfectly and with that indescribably sober, pure and elegant white, which never expires in colors that are too blued. The same feeling of elegance, warmth and sobriety that you feel when you board a recent flagship can now be transposed onto your car, thanks to these Plug & Play LED lamps tuned exactly to a hint of natural warm white that is so difficult to obtain. And for lovers of warm white, we remember the XE Gold family, with exceptional performance and a custom-made color impossible to find elsewhere.

** After installation, please leave a review and send us your photos indicating your car model! **
Smart: with the  Sapphire LEDs there is no longer the need to measure the space to see if the lamp can enter your headlight or ceiling light. The insertion polarity of the LED is no longer important,  Sapphire Halo T10 will work in every direction. The contact points are wide and robust, to guarantee perfect and constant electrical contact in all conditions. The effect of gradual turning on and off (soft) of the car is preserved. Enriching your interior with a feeling of elegance and refinement, doubling the original lighting has never been easier and with more professional results.

Canbus: By installing them inside the passenger compartment, it will be compatible with 100% of the cars - even the most modern. Even on light points outside the car, thanks to a native absorption of 1.85Watt, this bulb will turn out to be canbus on a large number of cars. However, if your car needs more resistance to avoid warning lights, we recommend using Xenovision external resistors.

You can trust: With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, value for money and service, Xenovision is the choice of Tuning enthusiasts and lighting purists. We invite you to contact us today with your questions: whether you need advice on the model, have a technical question or a request for large stocks, our technical staff is here to help.

Technical features:

- 3x LXZ2-5770 Chips, chosen by Xenovision for excellent features.
- 4x times brighter than the original bulbs.
- Sturdy PCB structure with precision welding using industrial machinery.
- Compatible with gradual switching on and off (soft).
- Extra-large contacts for perfect compatibility with any light point.
- Canbus on numerous cars, but in case of warning lights it is sufficient to add external resistors.
- Intelligent stabilization circuit, dimming range from 9 to 24V, protected up to 30V. No Polarity.

- Total lamp length: 25mm
- Maximum diameter of the lamp: 10mm

The price refers to 1 PAIR of  Sapphire T10 LED Bulbs (W5W). 
Luci Posizione Si
Luci targa Si
Lunghezza 25mm
Luci interne Si
Larghezza 10mm
Accensione/Spegnimento soft Si
Luminosità 4x volte più luce
Assorbimento 1.5Watt @ 12.5V
Qualità Massima. Garantita.
CHIP Luminosi Philips
Impermeabili Si, IP67.
Voltaggio 9-30V AC/DC
Resistenze integrate Si
Durata Illimitata
2x Lampadine T10 (W5W) Sapphire Halo
14 giorni Soddisfatti o Rimborsati
30 giorni Reso per Cambio Merce
2 Anni Garanzia Totale Xenovision
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Ero scettico sulla qualità ma mi sono dovuto ricredere

Con un leggero scetticismo dovuto sopratutto al prezzo davvero contenuto di queste lampade a LED, le ho acquistate valutando anche le ottime recensioni già presenti sulla pagina. Pochi giorni dopo mi sono ritrovato tra le mani il mio pacchettino di lampadine ma tra tutte, queste 2 erano le più "brutte" a primo colpo d'occhio e sembravano anche roba da poco. Ora dopo averle montate e provate nel cuore della notte sulla mia Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 posso dirvi che fanno una lice strepitosa. Io le ho montate come luci per il bagagliaio e la mia Jeep ne ha 2 perciò sono facilitato anche da questo, ma le lampadine emettono tantissima luce che da 2 metri di altezza dal portellone arrivano e illuminano perfettqmente tutto il bagagliaio e anche la zona di strada sottostante. Gran qualità di resa luminosa ma anche la qualità di luce emessa e pazzesca , basta guardare le fotografie. Grazie