H7: Xenon Kit

Canbus. Maximum Quality.

Xenovision's H7 Xenon Kits for cars with lens headlights will quadruple your visibility at night and will last longer than your car. Maximum Quality, Error-free.
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Canbus HID Ballasts with proprietary electronic and exclusive H7 FocusPRO Korea HID bulbs 6100k. The HID Kit that made Xenovision the benchmark for HIDs in Italy.

HID Kit 42W Canbus: Xenovision DiamondSTAR H7 6100K

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<p><strong>Qualit&agrave; Massima in Italia.</strong> Equipaggiato con le lampade pi&ugrave; potenti, pi&ugrave; brillanti, dal colore pi&ugrave; puro. Le uniche con esclusiva geometria Antiriflessi FocusPRO (F+) per una centratura massima del fuoco del tuo faro. Tecnologia digitale esclusiva Xenovision 64 Bit - Kit xenon completo.</p>

Kit xenon 42W Canbus - H7 Korea Bianco Solare 5300k

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<p><strong>H7 HID Xenon Kit&nbsp;</strong>with legendary canbus PhenomXT xenovision engineered digital Hid Ballast Computers and&nbsp;H7 DiamondPRO HID bulbs. Maximum Quality Guaranteed. Canbus on 99.9% of cars.</p>

H7: Xenovision PhenomXT HID Kit System - Legendary Canbus

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Xenovision Xenon H7 Kits are characterized by unmatched Quality. For lighting purists who want an even higher-end product, we have created the DiamondSTAR kits. Absolute top of the range.