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Gear v1.0 T20: LED for Parking Light Abarth 500c / 595c / 695c (312_) 2009 in poi

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Abarth 500c / 595c / 695c LED parking light. Pair of T20 LED bulbs. Stealth effect, 360 degree output, Top Quality.

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  • SKU: XP-GEAR-T206-517
  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: Bianco Lunare 6000K
  • Plug: W215W
  • Sold as: Pair
  • EAN: 8699501059901
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
T20 LED Parking Light for Abarth 500c / 595c / 695c. Designed to fit any headlight housing, have an excellent 360 degrees light output distribution and intelligent circuit. 

High brightness: with 10x more light than the stock T20 (also known as W21W, W21/5W, 7440, 7443) bulbs of your 500c / 595c / 695c, Gear LED bulbs guarantee a clearly visible DRL light even on sunny days.

We like them because: They have everything you need: compact size, excellent focal centering, 360 degrees light output, No Polarity, Smart Polarity, Long Life, good Canbus and cheap price. Build quality and reliability are at highest levels on the market.

Zero-Problems: The direction in which you insert the bulbs in the socket and the wiring type of your car (Standard or CK) are no longer important: Gear bulbs internal intelligent circuit will detect and adapt to any polarity.

Heat management: as you will feel from their weight, bulbs are mostly made of solid aluminium. This keeps LED chips at an healthy temperature. As an additional safety, the intelligent circuit will detect overheating symptoms and temporarily reduce brightness to prevent permament damage.
Unbeatable Quality/Price: you will hardly find LED Parking Light for Abarth 500c / 595c / 695c of this quality in this price range. Xenovision is the do-it-yourself store that redefines the market, bringing you the highest quality at low-cost prices.

How is it possible? By eliminating additional services such as chat, telephone, advertising, and thanks to a powerful proprietary software that automates the site, Xenovision is the concept-store for auto electricians, professionals and hobbyists that cancels operating costs, lowering prices to levels impossible to reach for competitors. For the same price you could get some disappointing LED Parking Light for 500c / 595c / 695c elsewhere, you can get the market's Highest Quality from Xenovision.
Socket W21/5W
Socket (alternative names) T20, 7440, 7443, W21W
Position Lights Si
Daytime Running Lights Si
Reverse lights Yes
Canbus Si, Zero-Spie sul 95.0% auto
Bulb lenght 47 mm
Diameter (max) 20 mm
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
Power 7W
Brightness vs. Stock bulb 10x times brighter
Lumen (real) 650lm
Xenovision LightScore 53 punti (Alta intensità), 17 punti (Bassa intensità)
Absorption 0.60A (Alta intensità), 0.15A (Bassa intensità)
Voltage 9-16 V
Color 6000k: Lunar White
Warranty 2 Years
Money Back 14 Days
Return for Store Credit 30 Days
56 reviews 4.86 out of 5 Stars!

Lampade daylight

Le lampade risultano di ottima manifattura, bella luce, nessun problema alla centralina

prodotto eccellente in alluminio fatto con cura nei minimi dettagli

prodotto eccellente in alluminio fatto con cura nei minimi dettagli, colore della luce bianco ghiaccio come lo cercavo e solo come diurne fanno molta luce. do 5 stelle anche se purtroppo come per le luci targa che ho preso, danno codice errore su Opel corsa e 2015 ma il funzionamento è eccellente

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