Ford Focus II saloon LED Bulb Adaptors (Pair)

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Pair of LED Bulb Adaptors for Ford Focus II saloon

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A pair of universal lamp holder adapters. Some cars fit a bulb holder to hold the original halogen in place in the headlight. By mounting an LED kit, it may make it necessary - or at least practical - to buy a ready-made adapter, shaped to be compatible with both your headlight and the shape of an LED lamp.
Compatibility: This model fits various car models including: Ford Focus High Beams etc
Highly recommended in the installation of a LED kit, this adapter will save you time and effort trying to modify the original lamp holder adapter.
Indispensable for professional work: with this adapter, installation will be much faster. Furthermore, do not make any changes to the original support of the lighthouse, a precaution much appreciated by demanding customers, and a symptom of the general quality of the installation work.
Technical specifications:
It fits various car models. Always personally check the similarity between this adapter and the original one that may be present on your car: the choice of the correct adapter is at the discretion and responsibility of the customer, as there are a variety of cars in circulation we are not able to indicate which adapter you need with absolute accuracy.
High quality materials, resistance to thermal stress and the erosion of time.
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