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Xenovision FocusPRO

For who demands more.

Xenovision's FocusPRO Xenon Lamps last more, throw further and have an unmistakable tint. Maximum Quality.
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Compatible with every Xenovision ballast, past and future. On the other hand, to use them with other ballast brands you'll need a conversion cable .

Quality: our promise.

Higher Yield The broadly famous Xenovision FocusPRO lamps have a special geometry that maximizes yield on the road by reducing dispersion due to bulb refraction.
Crystalline White with two shades of White 5300K and 6100K, the visual rendering is spectacular. Respectively in an extremely pure White, with warm tones, and a perfect White with a cold and sporty character Extra Long Life thanks to an incomparable build quality. Both the tint and the brightness of the bulbs degrade much more slowly than the standard lamps on the market, guaranteeing you more brightness and longer life.

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