Frequently asked questions

If you notice that you have entered an incorrect address or product in the order or that you have forgotten something, you have 30 minutes from crediting the payment to cancel it.

After canceling the order, you can simply create a new order on the site.

(So ​​if, for example, you have placed an order by contextually welding it with PayPal or Credit Card and you realize that you have made a mistake, you have plenty of time to cancel it. It is not possible to modify an order once it is created: you can however cancel it and create one new.)

To order, click on "Account" -> "My orders" and select the order you wish to cancel. Then click on the "Cancel order" button and the order will be blocked by the system and you will receive a refund within a few hours.

Keep in mind that after 30 minutes from the crediting of the payment, the order is forwarded by the software to one of the logistics centers of competence, and it is no longer possible to block it or make changes. The Cancel order button will not be clickable.

We like to keep things simple, and chose to only accept PayPal.

As you already know from your previous purchases online, PayPal is THE best way to safely pay for an order  and offers you the most valuable protection. Just in case you lived under a rock in the last decade, take a look at their website for further informations.
It's very simple. No problem and we won't ask you any questions (but if you want to explain why, you'll help us improve our database).
To make a return click here now and select the order in your account, then the "Make a Return" button.
We only ship to Italy at the moment. Will extend to whole Europe in future.
We love to keep things simple and treat all customers the same. As many customers in Italy ask, sorry - we are not allowed to do any discount.

But we value your time and collaboration instead: if you’re willing to help, you can earn in store credit by submitting your valuable pictures, car informations, taking measures of your headlights, answering specific questions from our artificial intelligence, reviewing us.
You shall do nothing: if our Ai selects you, you will get an email with an invitation to cooperate and get valuable store credits in exchange. We are a community where each of us can do it’s part and be rewarded!
After your purchase, you have a 2-year guarantee directly from us. Most of the time it is not necessary to return the faulty product, we will only ask you for particular photographs or a video. Remember that the LED headlights have 4cm of space in front of the fan and you must never puncture the original caps, even if you apply dust filters!
If you have a faulty product under warranty, click here now and select the order for which you require assistance and we will immediately put you in contact with our staff.
  • If you found the product using the CHOOSE CAR button, and our Artificial Intelligence recommended it to you, then the answer is Yes. Our database answers are correct in 99.9% of cases.

  • If, on the other hand, you are an experienced user and you have chosen not to use the CHOOSE CAR menu, and you have therefore selected the product from the general menu, you must check for yourself based on the product description and your skills.
In any case we have a very open return policy , so don't worry if you make mistakes you can return the product!
Installation is an aspect your mechanic shall take care of.
For more experienced customers who want to try their hand at DIY, we have also created general guidelines which you can find in our XENOVISION helpcenter. They are very detailed and cover each case thoroughly.

  • To read the guides regarding the products in your order, click on the GUIDES AND MANUALS button in the details of your order.

  • If you can't log into your account, check the question "How can I log into my account?"
Remember to do not make these big mistakes when installing an LED bulb with a fan:
  • Do not pierce the headlight caps. The fans must work in a sealed environment (even if you use dust filters: humidity damages the LED and you lose the warranty)

  • Do not choke the fans. Make sure you have 4cm free from cables and objects in front of the fan (cables and drivers must be placed sideways)
    Usa la chat in basso a destra in ogni pagina oppure naviga fai-da-te con il menu scegli auto.

    Accedi al tuo account e seleziona l'ordine per il quale hai bisogno di aiuto: quindi clicca il tasto Richiedi Assistenza per essere messo in contatto con la leggendaria assistenza Xenovision. 
    Se non riesci ad accedere al tuo account, clicca qui per recuperare la password.

Telefono: Per una più efficiente gestione dell'elevato numero di contatti, tutte le comuncazioni sono per iscritto: per questo non offriamo un contatto telefonico e il software non supporta note audio.