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Super Bright. Super Compact. XE Eagle DNA - the Highest Quality LED headlight kits around.

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Top Quality: Designed to deliver huge illumination on the road, long lasting and be Plug&Play on almost any car headlight. Three objectives all XE EAgle LED headlights fully achieve. Compare the build quality, materials, finishing, light output on road and reliability with the generic products you find around - and you'll never come back. 

Super Bright: With 11.000 Lumen lighting output (5500Lm each), XE Eagle Mini delivers a strong lighting on the road. Compared to HID, it's 70% as powerful as an OEM Xenon HID headlight system. Wich is more than double than your standard Halogen bulbs. 
Long Lasting: hundreds of LED bulbs are sold every day. Most of them fail, too. Designing a reliable LED bulb, able to withstand the harsh termal conditions inside an headlight, is not simple. XE Eagle state of the art design optimizes the heat dissipation thanks to a solid copper heart, wrapped in an aeronautical alluminum body, and an excellent fan powered heatsink. Bulb temperature is always under control, and the light output remains stable even after long use in traffic jam.

You can Trust: With the best reputation in Italy for excellent products, unbeatable quality/price ratio, and after sale service - Xenovision is the choice of car enthusiasts as well as lighting purists. 
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25 reviews 4.88 out of 5 Stars!

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