4.3x brighter
24,000 Lumen

H1 24,000Lumen LED for Citroen DS4 2011 -2015 High Beam

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Citroen DS4    High Beam kitSuper Bright. Super Compact. Same Eagle DNA - the Highest Quality LED headlight kits around, yet smaller. Two EagleMini H1 LED bulbs included, accessories not included.

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  • Canbus: 95% auto
  • Color: 6000K
  • Plug: H1
  • Sold as: Pair
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Winning DNA: The Mini version of the highly decorated Eagle H1 LED Kit for Citroen DS4 combines excellent brightness with ultra-compact dimensions - establishing itself as the brightest LED kit in the ultra-compact category.
Performance: With a score of 210 LightScore, 24.000Lumen the Eagle Mini H1 LED Kit is 4.3x brighter on the road than the original halogen of your Citroen DS4.
Cooling: We spared no expense in the cooling system, with two vacuum heatpipes: the previous Eagle Mini version only had one. The dual system allows for even more efficient heat exchange, and the powerful cooling fan dissipates all the heat generated by the light chips. Always make sure that there is nothing in front of the fan for at least 4cm, so that it breathes properly, and never let it breathe air from outside the headlight.
We like them because: the size is really small without sacrificing brightness and reliability. The innovative double heatpipe cooling method is really effective, allowing to maintain excellent brightness (equal to the top of the range of the previous generation) with an ultra-compact size.
The 3 mistakes you don't want to make when installing LEDs on High Beam Citroen DS4 :
1. Leaving less than 4cm completely clear between the fan and the headlight cap. If you don't have this space, you need to install oversized domed caps, eg. Xenovision FlowMax or similar available elsewhere, otherwise the fan will suffocate.
2. Forgetting to insert the drivers, cables and plugs into the headlight first, push them all the way in, and insert the lamp last: this way there will be no cables to choke the fan.
3. Expose fan to humidity: never remove or puncture the caps, even if you use dust filters. Fan must never be exposed to humidity.
Canbus & zero interference: With a real power draw of 38W per lamp, this ultra-compact canbus H1 LED kit won't give any warning lights problems on 95% of cars. In the rare (very) cases of warning lights, just add one of our canbus filters for LEDs. As far as radio interference, the fully digital driver does not generate return curves that disturb the car radio.
Maximum Quality / Price Ratio: Xenovision.it chooses and carefully selects the products to guarantee that whatever your spending budget is, you cannot find a more performing and lasting product in the same price range anywhere else.
You can trust: With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, value for money and performance, the Xenovision.it shop is the choice of auto electricians, tuning enthusiasts and lighting purists.
Socket H1
Lens Headlights Yes! Score 7 out of 10
Reflector Headlights Yes! Score 10 out of 10
Canbus Yes, Error-Free on 95% cars
Bulb lenght 77 mm
Diameter (max) 35 mm
Heatsink depth 35 mm
Min. distance from next object 40 mm
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
Road view vs. Stock bulbs 4.3x brighter
Power 38W
Brightness 24000lm
Xenovision LightScore 210 points
Absorption 3.10A
Voltage 9-16 V
Color 6000k: Lunar White
Version v6.0 (May 2021)
Included 2x LED bulbs
Warranty 2 Years
Money Back 14 Days
4 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!

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