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Citroen DS3 convertible front direction indicator: XPRO Gear v1.0 PY21W

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Citroen DS3 convertible LED front direction indicator PY21W. Requires adding resistors to fix hyperflashing, 3x times brighter, compact bulb. Top Quality.

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  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: Arancio
  • Plug: PY21W
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
PY21W Front Direction Indicator LED bulb for Citroen DS3 convertible. It is not canbus (7W of real absorption): you will have to to add resistors to eliminate the rapid flashing, or eventual warning errors.
We like it because: it's cheap, compact and well made. Perfect for low-end needs, eg. for those who want a solid and long-lasting product but at a low price.
What is rapid flashing? When you install LED bulbs on Turnsignals, you will always have rapid flashing, unless you add resistors. Or you can buy special turnsignals bulbs instead (Yes, we have them: you can check for all our "No Hyperflash" modes in catalogue) which have a native absorption of 24W.

Unbeatable Quality/Price: you will hardly find products of this quality in this price range. Xenovision is the do-it-yourself store that redefines the market, bringing you the highest quality at low-cost prices.
Socket PY21W
Socket (alternative names) BAU15S
Turnsignals Yes
Canbus No
Bulb lenght 47 mm
Diameter (max) 20 mm
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
Power 7W
Brightness vs. Stock bulb 3x volte più luce
Lumen (real) 650lm
Absorption 0.6A
Voltage 9-32 V
Color Amber
Warranty 2 Years
Money Back 14 Days
Return for Store Credit 30 Days
In caso di lampeggio rapido o spie con questa lampada LED, è sufficiente bilanciare il carico con una resistenza 10 Ohm in parallelo. A questo link trovi un articolo nel nostro Help Center che spiega in dettaglio e con una guida passo passo.
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