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Performance. Purity. Beauty. Festoon C5W LED Bulb from Xenovision XT LED Series

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Absolute Performances: High Power, Highest Quality C5W/C10W Festoon LED bulb. Outstanding results when used as courtesy lights or license plate lights, incredibly bright.

High Precision: Embedded in a transparent shell, the powerful latest generation superbright LED chips deliver a powerful front lighting. They are soldered with industrial precision on a high quality PCB, embedded in a beautiful blue heatsink. The result is a better heat management that allows to push the lighting chips to higher brightness level without sacrificing the bulb life.

Protected: Speaking of LED lights, heat management is crucial for long-end reliability. With a Superbright Chip technology delivering a higher Lumen/Watt efficiency, this LED bulb produces more Lumens that a traditional LED bulb staying at the same temperature.

You can Trust:  With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, quality/price ration and customer service, Xenovision is the choice of car enthusiasts and automotive lighting purists. We invite you to write our friendly staff today with your questions: wether you need a suggestion on wich model to choose, you have a technical question or wholesale inquiry, our staff is here to help.

** Please leave a review after installing this product and attach your pictures and car make year model! **

Sold: 1 Bulb. (When buying a pair, comes packed in Xenovision Packaging).
Plug: C5W C10W Festoon
Chip: Latest Generation Superbright SMD 50x50 LED, for an un to 30% more efficient lighting.
Color:  Lunar White 6000k
Total Lenght:  31/36/39/42mm (depending on chosen size)
Height (Tickness):  9mm. 
Widht:  20mm.
Has polarity? Yes. (If bulb does not turn on, simply rotate 180° and plug in again).
Input Voltage:   9 - 16V, integrated voltage stabilizer
Power: 1.75W (0.14A @ 12.4V)

Note: These LED bulbs are Warning Light Error Free on 9 out of 10 cars. In the remote event your car would give a Warning Light Error due to LEDs low power absorbtion, you can simply turn it off by adding our ceramic load resistors (Search for: XV-R05W-CER2), connected in parallel to the LED bulb (simply "bridge" + and - harness with the load resistor)

Price is referred to 1 LED BULB C5W/C10W. To order a pair, simply select quantity "2" in the shopping cart. 

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7 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!

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