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Premium Festoon canbus LED  with PHILIPS ZES chips for incredibly powerful and pure lighting. Real jewel.

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Yes 5700K C5W XE-ZEE3-MSTR
PHILIPS  ZES: are the Premium LED Chips in the PHILIPS Luxeon family, which delivers a never seen before color consistency, brightness and light density . They resist up to 135 ° C, leaving ample room for the lamp to be used without suffering heat, even during heavy use or in summer. These Chips are the same as the ones we adopt in our super appreciated LED Headlights Xenovision X-PRO LED System Low beam, and to the delight of the luminous excellence purists we have created the Sapphire line - true T10 and C5W based LED jewels based on on the same bright gems. Perfect for Position Lights, License Plate and Interior Lights, with performance and color purity that make the difference.
With official Philips values ​​of 245Lm per chip, a luminous efficiency of 125Lm / watt, and a robustness that allows it to operate in the winter frost from -40 ° C to 135 ° C, we are sure that if you loved the X- LEDs PRO Xenovision in your headlights, you'll love the corresponding LED versions for interior lights, position and number plate.

Smart: with the  C5W Sapphire LEDs there is no longer the need to measure the space to see if the lamp can enter your headlight or ceiling light. The insertion polarity of the LED is no longer important,  Sapphire Halo T10 will work in every direction. The contact points are wide and robust, to guarantee perfect and constant electrical contact in all conditions. The effect of gradual turning on and off (soft) of the car is preserved. Enriching your interior with a feeling of elegance and refinement, doubling the original lighting has never been easier and with more professional results.

** After installation, please leave a review and send us your photos indicating your car model! **
The perfect color: pure white natural light LEDs, 5700k, are perfect as Interior Lights and Plate to be combined with your Xenovision X-PRO lights - for a maniacally perfect result in color homogeneity and visual rendering - these LEDs will also go wonderfully in the interior of your car, illuminating it perfectly and with that indescribably sober, pure and elegant white, which never expires in colors that are too blued. The same feeling of elegance, warmth and sobriety that you feel when you board a recent flagship can now be transposed onto your car, thanks to these Plug & Play LED lamps tuned exactly to a hint of natural warm white that is so difficult to obtain. And for lovers of warm white, we remember the XE Gold family, with exceptional performance and a custom-made color impossible to find elsewhere.

Canbus: By installing them inside the passenger compartment, it will be compatible with 100% of the cars - even the most modern. Even on light points outside the car, thanks to a native absorption of 1.85Watt, this bulb will turn out to be canbus on a large number of cars. However, if your car needs more resistance to avoid warning lights, we recommend using Xenovision external resistors.

You can trust: With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, value for money and service, Xenovision is the choice of Tuning enthusiasts and lighting purists. We invite you to contact us today with your questions: whether you need advice on the model, have a technical question or a request for large stocks, our technical staff is here to help.
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2 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!

Opel Corsa 2013 | Acquistate in coppia ed installate nella plafoniera abitacolo e nella plafoniera del bagagliaio.

Funzionalità: le lampadine si presentano solide. I contatti alle estremità sono perfettamente compatibili con quelli della rispettiva lampadina alogena e quindi si agganciano senza problemi negli occhielli del portalampada. Ho verificato con un multimetro la tensione ai capi delle lampadine nelle varie configurazioni possibili ovvero accesa, accensione all’apertura delle porte e spenta per la lampada nell’abitacolo ed accesa all’apertura del baule e spenta alla chiusura per quella nel bagagliaio. In tutte le varie configurazioni ai capi delle lampadine si misura una tensione di circa 12V quando sono accese e di 0V quando sono spente, quindi non ho riscontrato in nessun caso il problema della lampadina che rimane leggermente accesa quando dovrebbe essere spenta. L’effetto di accensione e spegnimento graduale è rimasto invariato per la lampada all’interno dell’abitacolo.

Luminosità: la quantità di luce prodotta dalle lampade è davvero abbondante ed uniforme. Nei primi giorni di utilizzo in notturna, essendo abituati alle alogene, si ha la sensazione che siano anche troppo luminose. All’interno della mia vettura la plancia e i due posti anteriori vengono completamente illuminati, ma anche la zona posteriore risulta abbastanza illuminata.

Colore: il colore proiettato è un bianco puro e brillante, senza alcuna sfumatura di blu o giallo. Guardando la plafoniera con la lampadina accesa è visibile qualche riflesso appena tendente al giallino-lime sul contorno esterno della luce, molto piacevole, ma che comunque non è visibile nella luce proiettata sulle varie superfici, che resta bianca in modo uniforme.
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2011 | Montati questi splendidi Led per sostituire i tradizionali bulbi alogeni delle luci di cortesia. Producono un'elegantissima luce bianca, arricchendo l'abitacolo con un inconfondibile tocco di stile, inoltre non producono quel fastidioso sfarfallio dovuto alle correnti parassite presenti nel circuito elettrico. Consigliati!!!