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  If legendary Morimoto projectors are out of budget, our X-Blades are the best choice.

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No 2.5 Pollici H1 XV-PLHD-XBLD
If you were impressed by our HID Bulbs, our Lens Projector Optics will aston you. By combining two technologies together, and taking and taking full advantage of our retrofit-optimized Xenovision RetrofitPRO lamps, X-Blade Xenovision will project you into the world of Retrofit with a one-way first-class ticket. Picked up the call from consumers who want a product that meets their expectations but aren't ready to break the bank. These projectors delivers real performance at the right price.

The Best Or Nothing: Prepare not to believe your eyes in front of a beam of light so sharp that you risk cutting yourself. Lose yourself in the fullness of the luminous, dense, homogeneous footprint that extends laterally to 180 °. Go up with the sharpened Cutoff that separates the light from the darkness, so clear and in focus even at a distance that you could trace it on a wall with a marker. Let yourself be entranced by a rainbow effect in which you can distinguish turquoise, indigo and violet before plunging into the total obscurity and smudge of the Cutoff.
Look for a more performing and defined Projector on the European market for the price range - and if you find it, buy it. If you have a larger budget and want even more, we highly recommend Morimoto projectors - world legend # 1 in Retrofit - in stock and ready for worldwide delivery.
Highest Quality on the Italian market, essential for results that allow no compromises. You will not find more performing projectors all over the globe, with the exception of the Morimoto FX-R, Mini H1, Mini D2S and Honda S2000 OEM projectors. With a precision optics, the Xenovision X-Blade lens projector focuses the maximum light output directly below the light beam cutting point, maximizing visual performance over long distances. The light beam is wide, the light distribution is precise, and the visibility is maximum. With the Xenovision projectors, you will have cleanest light beam, without glare and annoying dazzle areas even for SUV owners.

You can Trust: With the best reputation in Italy for excellent products, unbeatable quality/price ratio, and after sale service - Xenovision is the choice of car enthusiasts as well as lighting purists. 

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1 reviews 5 out of 5 Stars!