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Alfa romeo 159 LED Kit: Eagle 29000Lm H7

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€ 100,00 € 105,00 / Pair

Kit High Beam Alfa romeo 159 (939_): scatena un fascio di luce denso, potente e perfettamente definito sia su fari a parabola che lenticolari. Super canbus, Qualità Massima. Include due lampade LED Eagle H7, eventuali accessori non inclusi.

  • Availability: 27 January 2022
  • SKU: XP-EAGL-LH76-597
  • Canbus: 99% auto
  • Color: 6000k
  • Plug: H7
  • Sold as: Pair
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
#1 in Brightness: Xenovision Eagle 2021 marks the generational leap in LED technology that significantly increases brightness. With an incredible 252 LightScore points, the Eagle H7 led kit is 5.4 times brighter than the original halogen and beats all 159 led kits on the market and in the catalog without batting an 20% to our already absolute leader in Edge model performance.

Try them: if you are looking for an extremely bright H7 LED Kit for Alfa romeo 159, we guarantee that you will not find a better build quality product, with a more powerful light beam, and with better component quality. Each of our products is carefully developed to offer you the best performance and quality on the market which is already full of alternatives. If you are looking for a led kit with the highest quality / price ratio, definitely more performing and well made than the commercial LEDs you find on the internet - the solution you are looking for are our LED kits. Guaranteed.

Cooling: the Achilles' heel of all low-cost LED kits sold online is durability. We have made this 159 led kit on a sturdy copper core on which the LED chips rest directly. The powerful all-aircraft aluminum heatsink fan ensures correct lamp temperature, preventing the chips from overheating. Like all LED kits, it is essential that the fan is not suffocated, otherwise it is completely ineffective: insert the driver, cables and plugs first in the headlight, push them all the way down, and finally the lamp. Make sure there is nothing in front of the fan for at least 4cm for you to breathe properly.

Why choose them: You can choose LED kits based on performance, and opt for maximum performance regardless of price. Or you can choose the LED kits based on the value per euro spent, and opt for the maximum quality / price ratio without worrying about the brightness. Ninja is the led kit for Alfa romeo 159 with the highest value in the Quality / Price ratio. At this price you will not find a more complete, well-made, long-lasting, precise and reliable product. If the premium-end Xenovision and X-Pro LED kits - which offer much higher brightness - are over budget then the Ninja LED kits are the best affordable alternative. And you have the guarantee that you are not wasting money on products that are not worth what you spend.
Visual Footprint: The very compacted structure of the PCB's copper vane makes them thinner than typical LED kits for159 for sale on eBay, Amazon and other online sites, allowing for better focal centering - with a 99.6% Focus - and produce fewer shadows than the LED kits also available at much higher prices on the market. This is because we used the structure of a premium range LED Kit, with less powerful chips to contain the price, but the backbone is that of a thoroughbred: perfect focal centering, excellent heat dissipation, impeccable build quality.
The 3 mistakes you should never make: The very powerful H7 Fan LED Kits, like this one, require at least 4cm completely clear between the fan and the headlight cap, to breathe properly. If you don't have this space, immediately install Xenovision FlowMax oversized caps or similar found elsewhere to preserve the life of your Kit.
Remember that you have to insert the drivers, cables and plugs first in the headlight, push them all the way in, and the lamp last: in this way there will be no cables to suffocate the fan.
Never pierce the caps, even if you use dust filters: the fan must never be exposed to humidity.
Accessories not included: the kit is compatible with the attachment of the headlights of your 159. Includes two LED bulbs with very high light output. Not included are oversized caps, any lamp holder adapters, any lamp extinguishing filters. Find our complete assembly guide on our Help Center.
Canbus & zero interference: With a real consumption of 35W per lamp this H7 LED canbus kit will not give warning lights problems on practically every car: tested for zero errors and warning lights on 99% of cars. In the rare (very) cases of warning lights, just add one of our canbus filters for LEDs. As for radio interference, the fully digital driver does not generate return curves that disturb the car radio.
Maximum Quality / Price Ratio: Xenovision.it carefully chooses and selects the products to guarantee that whatever your spending budget is, you will not be able to find a more performing and lasting product on the market in the same price range.
You can trust: With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, value for money and performance, the Xenovision.it shop is the choice of auto electricians, tuning enthusiasts and lighting purists.
Socket H7
Lens Headlights Yes! Score 9 out of 10
Reflector Headlights Yes! Score 10 out of 10
Canbus Yes, Error-Free on 98.7% cars
Bulb lenght 77 mm
Diameter (max) 35 mm
Heatsink depth 35 mm
Min. distance from next object 40 mm
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
Road view vs. Stock bulbs 5.4x volte più luce
Power 43W
Brightness 29.000Lm
Xenovision LightScore 252 Punti
Absorption 3.55A
Voltage 9-32 V
Color 6000k: Lunar White
Version V2.0 (Luglio 2021)
Included 2x LED bulbs
Warranty 2 Years
Money Back 14 Days
84 reviews 4.89 out of 5 Stars!


Luce molto forte e illuminano bene.. peccato se sulla mia bmw c’è uno sfarfallio continuo ogni 5 minuti.. e non riesco a risolvere in nessun modo..