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Abarth 500 / 595 / 695 interior light: Bricky LED (1 Pz)

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interior light LED Abarth 500 / 595 / 695 (312_)Performance. Purity. Beauty. Festoon C5W LED Bulb from Xenovision XT LED Series

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  • SKU: XE-LDXT-42M6-50L
  • Canbus: Yes
  • Color: 6000K
  • Plug: 41MM
  • Sold as: Piece
  • EAN: 8699501060044
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Slow delivery from 0 to 0 days
Absolute Performances: High Power, Highest Quality C5W/C10W Festoon LED bulb. Outstanding results when used as courtesy lights or license plate lights, incredibly bright.

High Precision: Embedded in a transparent shell, the powerful latest generation superbright LED chips deliver a powerful front lighting. They are soldered with industrial precision on a high quality PCB, embedded in a beautiful blue heatsink. The result is a better heat management that allows to push the lighting chips to higher brightness level without sacrificing the bulb life.

Protected: Speaking of LED lights, heat management is crucial for long-end reliability. With a Superbright Chip technology delivering a higher Lumen/Watt efficiency, this LED bulb produces more Lumens that a traditional LED bulb staying at the same temperature.

You can Trust:  With the best reputation on the Internet for unbeatable products, quality/price ration and customer service, Xenovision is the choice of car enthusiasts and automotive lighting purists. We invite you to write our friendly staff today with your questions: wether you need a suggestion on wich model to choose, you have a technical question or wholesale inquiry, our staff is here to help.

** Please leave a review after installing this product and attach your pictures and car make year model! **

Sold: 1 Bulb. (When buying a pair, comes packed in Xenovision Packaging).
Plug: C5W C10W Festoon
Chip: Latest Generation Superbright SMD 50x50 LED, for an un to 30% more efficient lighting.
Color:  Lunar White 6000k
Total Lenght:  31/36/39/42mm (depending on chosen size)
Height (Tickness):  9mm. 
Widht:  20mm.
Has polarity? Yes. (If bulb does not turn on, simply rotate 180° and plug in again).
Input Voltage:   9 - 16V, integrated voltage stabilizer
Power: 1.75W (0.14A @ 12.4V)

Note: These LED bulbs are Warning Light Error Free on 9 out of 10 cars. In the remote event your car would give a Warning Light Error due to LEDs low power absorbtion, you can simply turn it off by adding our ceramic load resistors (Search for: XV-R05W-CER2), connected in parallel to the LED bulb (simply "bridge" + and - harness with the load resistor)

Price is referred to 1 LED BULB C5W/C10W. To order a pair, simply select quantity "2" in the shopping cart. 

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Assorbimento 0.14A @ 12.4V
1x Lampadina LED Siluro famiglia LedXT
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Ottimo prodotto, consigliato

Acquistata in sostituzione della lampadina alogena originale. Rispetto a quest'ultima, quella a LED illumina decisamente meglio, scalda meno e contribuisce a dare un aspetto più moderno alla macchina. Inoltre la luce risulta essere ben distribuita all'interno dell'abitacolo. All'inizio temevo che la nuova lampadina illuminasse in modo eccessivo, invece il risultato mi ha soddisfatto a pieno.
Per quanto riguarda il montaggio, non ho dovuto aggiungere alcun dispositivo accessorio. Ho semplicemente smontato il portalampada e sostituito la vecchia lampadina con quella nuova.