21W + 5W Professional Load Resistors bundle (4 pcs)

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21W + 5W High Performance Lamp Extinguishers Resistance Package. Extreme quality.

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Bundle of 4 professional high-performance load resistors: it contains a pair of 21W resistors to balance the high light intensity line of the LED, plus a pair of 5W resistors to balance the low intensity line. Everything you need to fix the warning light on a pair of dual intensity LED bulbs (eg P21 / 5W, W21 / 5W ..) on daytime running lights or stop / position lights
When is it needed? When it has installed a dual intensity LED bulb and you have lights both when it turns on at low intensity, and when it turns on at high intensity. You therefore need to balance both.
How are they installed? Is simple!
On the original P21 / 5W, W21 / 5W auto plug lamp holder you have 3 cables:
The high intensity positive: powers the 21W (high brightness) filament of the original halogen bulb.
The positive of the low intensity: instead, it powers the 5W filament (low brightness) of the halogen bulb.
The common negative: a single cable acts as a ground for both intensities.
For each LED bulb, your car electrician will simply have to connect the 21W resistor in parallel (bridging) between the positive High light intensity and the common negative.
Then he will have to connect the 5W resistor, always in parallel, this time as a bridge between the positive of the Low light intensity and the common negative.
Do load resistors heat up? Yes, and it is completely normal. Place them on the car chassis, on a flat part, where they can dissipate the heat properly. The most professional solution is to screw them directly onto the frame thanks to the holes on the resistance armature.
For a perfect installation: before screwing in the screw definitively, drown both the screw and the hole in the frame with abundant plumbing silicone - so as to isolate the perforated part of the frame (which is therefore no longer protected by the paint) from outdoor air.

How can I save money? If you are an expert you can also find commonly sold 10 Ohm (21W) and 47 Ohm (5W) ceramic resistors in an electronics store or here on the website, which do not offer a professional mounting screwed to the frame - but they will still perfectly solve the problem of warning errors.
Can you help me with the installation? You already have all the information you need on this page. If you have any difficulties, show this page to your auto electrician and they will have no difficulty making the connections.
You also find an in-depth guide on our HelpCenter at this link.
Position/Stop lights Yes
Daytime Running Lights Si
Canbus Yes, Error-Free on 99.9% cars
Quality Maximum. Guaranteed.
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